List of 116 MBA Colleges in Noida

Tagmycollege brings you the List of 116 MBA Colleges in Noida. Our ranking is based on the close evaluation on various factors.
For our List of 116 MBA Colleges in Noida we taken into consideration various factors like academic result, faculty, infrastructure and facilities and living environment and culture.
Our list comprises of national/state rating, cutoff, placements and fee structure and helps you decide which colleges to focus on for admission in Management in India

Bennett University logo
ESTD 2016 | Private | UGC| UGC Recognised

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  1,320,000


Admissions: Master of Business Administration admission 2018

"Placement of the college is good. The  University consists of hig...."
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Master of Business Administration (MBA) [MBA] |  540,000


Admissions: Master of Business Administration (MBA) admission 2018

"Instructors were bad. they were for the most part freshers with no exp...."
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Amity Business School logo
ESTD 1999 | Private | UGC| UGC Recognised

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  1,000,000


"The infrastructur...."
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Galgotias University logo
ESTD 2011 | Private | UGC| UGC

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  318,000

Exams List: CAT, XAT, MAT

Admissions: Master of Business Administration admission 2018


Infrastructure, Faculty, Management - these areas required a lot of...."

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Lloyd Business School logo
ESTD 2003 | Private | AICTE| AICTE

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  179,000


"The campus is big and lively. The faculty is not so experienced. Hoste....."
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ABES Engineering College logo
ESTD 2000 | Private | AICTE| AICTE Approved

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  317,100

Exams List: MAT, CAT, CMAT


Campus life was great and it was full of fun. At my time there were...."

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Amity University logo
ESTD 2003 | Private | UGC| UGC Recognised

BBA + MBA in International Business [BBA] |  2,163,942

Exams List: MAT, CAT, XAT

Admissions: BBA + MBA in International Business admission 2018

"Amity University teachers are awesome and Campus is very clean and Wi-....."
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Introduction of the MBA colleges in Noida

Noida is a metropolitan city located joining the Eastern and Western India. This specific city which was more reputed for the it’s fertile land and agriculture is right now becoming the IT hub of India.

Companies belonging to different verticals of business have been invading the city using fullest vigor in the recent times. This has made the environment highly congenial for Management college students to pursue a bright career after they finish their very own business studies.

Noida has its educational institutions that train their very own students in business Management. The current business environment has clearly paved way for elevated job opportunities to these Management students graduating out of business schools in Noida.

Management studies are not a new line of studies for the active city of Noida. Many world famous Universities and colleges present in Noida have been giving superior quality courses. The number of college students they train year after year to support the economy of India like a nation is increasing rapidly.

Pursuing Management studies inside Noida has been a burning faith in many students who want to turn into a successful professional in their profession. Noida, through the various kinds of support it offers, is one of the best alternatives to pursue higher research in Management in of india. This has remained one of the main reasons for individuals preferring Noida for their larger studies in Management

Types of Degree in MBA colleges in Noida

MBA colleges in Noida imparts Management education to students in 4 different methods

MBA colleges in Noida :-

KCC Institute of Management

Bennett University

Amity Business School Galgotias University Amity University

1. Full time MBA

  • All students who want to finish their post graduation in Management studies after finishing their basic graduation are admitted in this full time MBA Course.

  • The syllabus for full-time MBA course is set by experts in the concerned industry leveraging their experience

  • This syllabus changes from time to time to be able to plug in the latest market developments across the globe in the Management industry

2. Part Time

  • Part Time course is offered to those aspiring students who want to practice higher studies in Management but is unable to spend full-time for the same

  • Young people who have actually jumped in to the job predicament opts for such in their free time MBA courses

  • The syllabus for this part time MBA study course is different from the regular study course but retains the knowledge as well as quality that needs to be imparted

  • The fee structure for Part Time MBA varies from that of standard and other forms of MBA

  • Contact classes are arranged by the colleges in a periodic manner to help student understand the concepts of Management

3. Distance Education

  • MBA is offered through distance education

  • Study materials are sent through courier and posting

  • Contact classes are arranged for that students in various locations regularly

Examinations are conducted in various locations at the same time

MBA Colleges in Noida select their students by conducting various types of entrance tests. Every college chooses one of the following Entrance Test to select students to be admitted in their MBA courses.

  1. CMAT
  2. MAT
  3. CAT
  4. NMAT
  5. GMAT

These Entrance exams are conducted during the particular month of the year every year. Based on the scores from these exams, students are selected by colleges for admission.

Students who are particular about joining a specific college of their choice need to understand the entrance exam requirement of the college well in advance. This is important for them to prepare well and pass out the same, which is the first step towards their MBA dream.

Coaching need to get admission in MBA colleges of Noida

  1. MBA colleges in Maharashtra stand tall on the list of other states through the excellent mentoring mechanisms adopted to train college students in specializations.

  2. The numerous major specializations offered to college students as per their passion help students pursue the major issue close to their heart.

  3. This psychological approach of the colleges acts as the basic formula for high success rate in producing quality Management resources year on year.

  4. Experts in various career fields are chosen to coach and train students on various specialization majors. Such professionals hold high positions in successful business house and industries.

  5. They share their own experience in a highly professional manner with students that really help them gain practical expertise.

  6. MBA colleges in Maharashtra provides enriching hands on exercising across different industry kinds and organizations for students which are future professionals

  7. On the job training is provided to be able to students in an organized fashion every year. This helps the colleges place the students immediately after their own education is over in careers relevant to their area of specialty area

  8. Organizations seek the assistance of MBA colleges for getting well trained and knowledgeable students which lowers their cost of training

Main Features of taking admission in MBA colleges in Noida

Supportive factors to study MBA in Noida

  • One of the main advantages that studying in MBA Schools in Noida will be its geography. Noida?s spot is almost center to every other major location in The indian subcontinent.

  • Noida is well linked to many key locations in India and foreign countries through its sophisticated infrastructural and communication facilities.

  • The political climate of Noida is highly competitive fostering larger studies in every possible technique

  • Noida being a financially rich territory on various features, the cost charged for chasing higher levels of Management research is highly affordable by most class of students

  • Noida attracts students from different places through the diversified alternatives it offers in Management programs

  • The experienced faculty via all walks of life who give quality education to Management students helps in creating highly advanced organizations

  • Noida Management universities constantly thrive to create strong business force for the future therefore the economy of India can be on a developmental aspect

Worth additions provided by business universities in Noida

The varied types of theoretical, practical and on the job experience provided by the Noida. Management Schools makes it research incomparable. Students are trained to be assertive and confident. Ideal to start material focuses in persona building as well as various other gentle skills to make the current day students in to a groomed professional right from the first day of their career. This particular career readiness helps organizations by saving training fees to groom the fresh from college students.

Selection process of MBA college in Noida

MBA colleges throughout Orissa select students conducting exams like CMAT Exam, GMAT Exam, MAT, CAT, and XAT. Every college has its own preferred set of exams whose lots are considered for allotting chairs for aspiring students. These types of exams are conducted through particular time of the year every year. Outcomes of the same are announced to students who pass through these kinds of exams. Such students who also qualify for the face to face selection interviews passing the exams are generally invited for the same. Individual exams are carried out on every pupil. Student profiling happens depending on which students are designated MBA seats. Any pupil who wants a positive scoring and also profiling must ensure they give their very own level best in each and every variety round. They must harness them selves with skill sets that will automatically take them through every single level of admission process very easily.