List of 116 MBA Colleges in Greater Noida

Bennett University logo
ESTD 2016 | Private | UGC| UGC Recognised

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  1,320,000


Admissions: Master of Business Administration admission 2018

"Placement of the college is good. The  University consists of hig...."
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Master of Business Administration (MBA) [MBA] |  540,000


Admissions: Master of Business Administration (MBA) admission 2018

"Instructors were bad. they were for the most part freshers with no exp...."
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Amity Business School logo
ESTD 1999 | Private | UGC| UGC Recognised

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  1,000,000


"The infrastructur...."
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Galgotias University logo
ESTD 2011 | Private | UGC| UGC

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  318,000

Exams List: CAT, XAT, MAT

Admissions: Master of Business Administration admission 2018


Infrastructure, Faculty, Management - these areas required a lot of...."

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Lloyd Business School logo
ESTD 2003 | Private | AICTE| AICTE

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  179,000


"The campus is big and lively. The faculty is not so experienced. Hoste....."
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ABES Engineering College logo
ESTD 2000 | Private | AICTE| AICTE Approved

Master of Business Administration [MBA] |  317,100

Exams List: MAT, CAT, CMAT


Campus life was great and it was full of fun. At my time there were...."

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Amity University logo
ESTD 2003 | Private | UGC| UGC Recognised

BBA + MBA in International Business [BBA] |  2,163,942

Exams List: MAT, CAT, XAT

Admissions: BBA + MBA in International Business admission 2018

"Amity University teachers are awesome and Campus is very clean and Wi-....."
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Introduction to MBA colleges in Greater Noida

Greater Noida has a large number of MBA colleges. Near to capital city Delhi, it has many B-schools, the major centers being at Noida. Here are the names of five very famous MBA colleges in Greater Noida supplying best business Management education-  

Bennett University, Sharda University- School Of Business Studies, Galgotias University.

The particular rising demand for courses throughout business Management has led the majority of the B-schools in Greater Noida in order to introduce a wide array of MBA lessons. To give you an idea, enlisted below are 5 B-schools in Greater Noida that offer specializing in fresh lessons:

  1. Amity International business College AIBS offers MBA degree in international business
  2. Amity University AU offers MBA degree in fashion Management
  3. CII School of Logistics provides MBA degree in offer Chain Management
  4. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management IITTM offers MBA degree in tourism as well as leisure.
  5. Footwear Design and Development Institute FDDI offers MBA in mode Merchandising and Retail Management.

Coaching required for admission in MBA colleges in Greater Noida

Scholars who want to pursue their MBA course in any of the MBA colleges in Greater Noida can do so by focussing on prime areas in which attention. Some such perfect areas are enlisted below

  1. Decide on the major specialization you want to go in for
  2. Filter in which colleges the specialization exists
  3. Understand the complete eligibility needs intimated by the short stated colleges
  4. Research and be aware of examinations to be passed to qualify for joining in that specific college
  5. Understand the shutdown score for eligibility
  6. The common examination score all of these colleges ask for are
  • CMAT
  • MAT
  • CAT
  • GMAT
  • NMAT

Follow up on meticulously on the offered dates for other methods for admission

Remember, you have a huge choice of colleges to pick from. Greater Noida has 115+ Private colleges and your five Public colleges offering MBA studies to aspiring scholars

Advantages of taking admission in MBA colleges in Greater Noida

Determine the B-schools credibility: Enough amount of research will allow you to recognize between the colleges as to which often institutes are best, good, typical or bad. The easiest way to carry out the research personally is to browse through the official website of the college. It will offer you with specific information regarding the faculty, plans, courses available, awards received, records, placement cells etc and so forth.

Faculty Users: An excellent group of teachers is vital and only the best colleges are able to offer brilliant teaching staff members. The top MBA colleges has talented and experienced instructors who are equipped to making the students understand the courses theoretical elements as well as are skilled from offering practical training that can be very beneficial in the company world. The best teachers may also ensure that they spot the actual weaknesses of the students which help them overcome it with constant motivation to become good and be successful. Jot down the selected institutes and one by a single check the faculty member and do a thorough analysis of their academic degrees and professional accomplishments. If possible get in touch with the students previously studying in the Institute to get a better idea of the Institute and the teaching procedures.

Curriculum: Ensure that the curriculum and syllabus designed for the actual chosen field of review is accurately associated with the candidate’s career goals. The top MBA institutes highly concentrate on the value of the student?s practical coverage. Thus, when browsing through the actual B-school sites check that the faculty arranges enough seminars, classes, and practical training sessions in terms of the students selected course and specialization. Greater Noida has its own amazing MBA colleges for example BENNETT UNIVERSITY, SHARDA UNIVERSITY- SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STUDIES, GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY

MBA Admission Selection process in Greater Noida

MBA colleges throughout Greater Noida select students performing exams like CMAT, GMAT, MAT, CAT, and XAT. Every college has its own favored set of exams whose lots are considered for allotting car seats for aspiring students. These kinds of exams are conducted during particular time of the year every year. Student profiling happens depending on which students are given MBA seats. Any pupil who wants a positive scoring and also profiling must ensure they give their very own level best in each and every choice round. They must harness themselves with skill sets that may automatically take them through every level of admission process easily.

Types of college MBA Colleges in Greater Noida

Greater Noida, among the other states, offers Management education through colleges along with institutions that belong to many categories. Many colleges in Greater Noida that provide Management studies are owned by the government. Many colleges in Greater Noida are autonomous in nature and are run by private owners. Right from the syllabus and curriculum procedures, individual owners own these types of colleges. Many private establishments of high reputation also offer Management studies, in particular MBA to be able to students.


Entering in to the course of one's choice in reputed establishments of their choice is not an effortless task. Every student have to realize that by entering into a MBA College in Greater Noida, they are paving a strong basement for not only their career but to the complete future. Keeping this specific in mind, students must work together with genuinity displaying their interest at each and every stage to getting into MBA course within Greater Noida MBA colleges

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