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How do you manage the day before exam?

  Updated on : 29/12/2016

 by : Admin

You do not need to be a memorized during your exams and vomit what you remember as soon as you get the paper. Trust me you can easily crack an exam without even studying if you follow some tactics. These strategies help to segregate quick learners from the bookish learners. Memorization does not help any learner since one is soon going to forget what he or she has learned in this process as soon as they say the exam paper. An important of any exam preparation is to ignore rote memorization and adopt smart strategies.Now if you are having the exam a day after and you feel restless, as it seems you remember nothing, then you must lean on some of the useful exam preparation tips and moves ahead.In this article, we are going to discuss some of the useful tips before exams that can break and change your life –·          You must review the most important concepts the day before exam and practice questions so that you stay familiar with the various question patterns. Even it helps to develop the ability to solve a question paper on time.·          You must look through the course and analyze where you feel short in the previous exams. You must build up the confidence by reassuring yourself that you know your mistakes and you are not going to repeat them. Well, this is one of the useful tips before exams, which can turn you into a fast learner.·          You must prepare and have a set of stationery, your pair of clothes, ID cards all set and prepared just the day before the exam. You do not want to run out madly in the next morning during the exam.·          You must sleep late on the day before the exam.·          Try to install confidence in yourself that you are going to ace your exams and can come out as the best among all the people. This is one of the most important and useful tips before exams.  ·          Adopt storytelling mode to remember numbers and figures if you are taking exam preparation for math or logic related subjects.·          Check out all the instruction laid down in the previous year’s question papers and in the admit card before you enter the examination hall. So have this checklist when you are taking up rigorous exam preparation to manage the day before exam calmly and reducing all the fuss and stresses. demo

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