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How B-school prepare students for placement process

  Updated on : 26/12/2016

 by : Admin

Now as we have seen that the employ ability index for the MBA candidates is dropping quite low than people have ever imagined, so it has become important for the b-schools to take care of them from day one. Prior to the interview with the company, the b-school placements are considered one of the important steps to get ready for the market. What the b-school does is preparing and fine-tuning the students before placement. The b-schools want the students to match the evolving market needs and prepare them for the placements. The placement season is the peak time, since the companies are looking for candidates for great acumen and skills. And such students can only be found if the b-school placements allow those candidates who have already been grilled through various skills set in their institutions.B-schools are playing a crucial role in the life of the recruiters these days. Just not with the theories taught or assignments undertaken, they train them with the due skills to get job-ready.  B-school placements are of high priority, so the faculty starts as early as possible and trains the student in analytical, logical, and other soft skills. They adopt various integrated approaches to enhance the communication skills, which run throughout their academic years to help the students during their face-to-face interview with the recruiting company.There are institutions other than IIM, as for example ICFAI who prepare the candidates by making them sit for mock interviews to instill confidence among the candidates. Even some b-school placements also prepare students for the entrepreneurial ventures. Some specialized activities, which candidates take up, such as incubation cells encourage students to work on unique business of their own. They build association with promising startups to budding entrepreneurs to help students get a perfect mentorship prior to the placements.When does the final approach happen? Apart from the curriculum-based study, the students also need to focus on the industry relevant new trends and courses. B-school placements are not easy so they keep on pushing the candidates throughout the year. The final push happens just before the placement days. The students are asked to take up certificate courses of AMCAT, mock tests, mock GDs, personal interviews, internship, training and lot more just to groom themselves as a MNC or a big brand would require. Students are given regular feedback on their development so that they instill confidence prior to their actual placements.demo

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