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MBA Admission through CAT and Without CAT

  Updated on : 07/03/2017

 by : Admin

MBA Admission through CAT and Without CAT All those students who want to make their career in the business world must be aware of the worth that the CAT examination holds. If you are taking this exam lightly, then don’t, because this exam can help you in managing a seat in the     .MBA admission through CAT-The CAT examination is held by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) to approve the students for their business administration programs. Cracking CAT will directly open the doors of IIM for you. Once you step in the premises of an IIM institute, the best placement is sure for you, no matter nationally or internationally. Besides, the faculty of IIMs is highly educated and experienced, so the chances for you to gain the precise knowledge of the business world rise many times.MBA admission without CAT-You don’t have to worry if you couldn’t get an opportunity to appear for the CAT exam. You can still study the business world. There are some of the big institutes that offer MBA admissions without CAT. Usually, the top colleges conduct their own entrance examination to select the students for the MBA courses. So, you would have to crack the entrance exam of the institute to get a seat.    Even if you have prepared for the CAT exam, then you would have to fight a tough competition to gain a seat in the IIM or other top universities.  The cut off list for an IIM institute can be almost 99.7%. Tough competition! demo

Ten Key Factor Must Check In MBA Colleges

  Updated on : 21/01/2017

 by : Admin

Ten Key Factor Must Check In MBA CollegesWhen you have a lot of options in front, choosing the right college becomes more stressful. After all, your right selection for the right college decides what shape your career is going to take. So, there are a few factors that you must look for while selecting your MBA college-Reputation-It is very necessary to enroll yourself in a college that stands in the top list of colleges. Check out the reputation of the college. Go through all the achievements of that institute. Make sure that the college possesses the certificate from an acknowledge government body.Curriculum-Check out the curriculum of the college and know about the ways in which that curriculum can help in your development. Find out whether the institution teaches the useful techniques and ways to handle the real corporate world or not.Faculty-A qualified and experienced teacher has the power to mould the shape of your career. Choose a college that offers ‘Actual Education.’ Therefore, do a proper research about the qualification and the experience of the faculty.Placements-It is one of the most important factors that must be considered. You would have to make sure that the college that you are choosing offers you the satisfactory placement opportunities. Know about the companies that come to the college and the packages they offer.Specialization MBA-There are two types of MBAs; General and Specialized. Specialized MBA offers the specific study for the certain aspects of the business world. If you are intrigued to this MBA, then make sure that the college is offering you worthy education.Fees-An MBA degree can create a hole in the pocket. The top MBA institutes do not negotiate a bit with their 5 digit fee. But, there are some other colleges as well that can offer the degree under an affordable budget. Look out for such colleges if money is the problem.Timings-Some colleges may offer you a tiring schedule. You wouldn’t be able to take up any part-time job if required. So, look for a college that would provide you with flexible timings. Network-Having a high quality of the network, not just nationally but internationally, is very important. It gives you an approach of the business world. So, search about the chain of networks that the institution possesses.Safety-If you are going to live on-campus, then this is the point that you must give a thought to. What are the safety measures taken by the college? What about the crime rate? Remember, your safety is in your hands!Scholarships-Scholarship can help you a lot with the fees of the college. So, go for such college that would be offering the required scholarships to the deserving candidates.   Do not rush in your decision. Do proper search and then make select the college. After all, it is about your career. demo

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