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Why I m Adding Three More B-Schools to my target list this year?

  Updated on : 07/03/2017

 by : Admin

If you are looking to get an MBA admission at top business school for an MBA degree, then you should definitely read this article before the MBA Admission 2017-18. Here, I am going to discuss why I am going to add three more business schools to my target list for MBA admission this year along with the existing ones in my list that will help you with the MBA Admission 2017-18. There are various reasons to do so. MBA programs are constantly getting harder to get into with tougher MBA admission requirements and not all MBA programs can meet your need. When you are adding few more top institutions to your list, you are potentially increasing your chances to get into the MBA program of your choice. Let’s take a look at these reasons for me to add these business schools in my list. Reasons to add more business school to my target list this year:First of all, not every business will offer financial aid to the students, or in many cases, the financial aid is not enough for the students and the cost of an MBA degree is skyrocketing and it is increasing as well. You may have a good MBA program of your choice but the financial aid may not be enough. Another reason to add an extra business school to your list is that you are certain that the business school will accept you. Many students have such firm institutions that they are certain that they will get an admission into without any doubt. For example you may have got many top list Business schools in your list. These top business schools are very hard to get into and a lot of students also apply for places at these institutions. And some of them may not have enough financial aid as well. In such case, insurance institutes will save you at the last moment if you do require such help. Also some may have lower mark cut off, in case your mark didn’t make to the top school of your choice. The three business schools that I have added to my initial list:·         NMIMS University School of Business ·         Bharatidasan Institute of Management (BIM)·         Amity Business School, Noida  demo

Is getting an MBA worth it?

  Updated on : 17/01/2017

 by : Admin

Earning an MBA degree is a dream for many. Since this degree helps to take a challenging journey and enhance the leadership skills of an individual. This degree increases the job opportunities and increased compensation and promotions. You can gain skill sets to start a new business and certain skills to rise to the leadership position in an organization.If you are an MBA graduate then you have to cover a broad spectrum of business-related topic when you seek MBA admission into the top b-schools. An MBA graduate is not only preparing for any financial institutions but also for the management position in the other fields as a founders of startup companies as well.You can earn two routes to earn your MBA is through a full-time course and the other is through a part-time course. Although both the course will help you to become an MBA graduate, but we need to know that whether seeking MBA admission is worth it or not for one’s career.Should we seek an MBA admission or notAn MBA graduate when plans to work in a business related field or in management sector or as a company founder it is good to pursue the degree. For those who are working in other industries, unless they aim for a management and leadership roles, an MBA will not be helpful.Moreover, not all MBA degree is having the equal value. However, the number of MBA colleges, universities and institutions are increasing in number. The place is quite crowded these days. As number of persons, securing an MBA admission is on the rise.However, there is a fact, unless a student receives a degree from a recognized program or college, the MBA graduate will not be valued. If he or she seeks entry to a top tier b-school, his or her ability to get hired by the top companies or organizations increases. Recruiters are not going to look at those MBA graduates who have earned their degree from an unknown college or online-only institutions. For the professionals, too going to second or third tier b-schools could end up wasting up your time.Hiring managers does not fall for a candidate in a recruitment process since he or she is having an MBA degree. You cannot land on the job simply because you are an MBA graduate. You need to have more skills to seek the job. A person with out of the box thinking and great leadership skills along with an MBA degree is something desirable among recruiters these days.  So just seeking MBA degree but with no way to exercise it in your career is not something worth.   demo

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