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5 things you should keep in mind during IIFT preparation

  Updated on : 21/01/2017

 by : Admin

5 things you should keep in mind during IIFT preparation  IIFT 2016, like all previous year, is expected to be a speed was driven and difficult exam to crack. IIFT exam preparation is likely to get tough because the exam has its own set of rules to test the capability of the students. Here are a few intricacies to keep in mind during your IIFT exam preparation. Erroneous questions: Though IIFT is a reputed exam, IIFT on a regular basis has a few incorrect questions every year. It is understood that these questions are part of the paper to test the temperament and their ability to stay focused during the chaos, especially when the exam is speed driven. General Awareness: GK is no brainer and requires some tough preparation, but it can become one of the easiest sections to score the maximum marks. IIFT exam preparation is incomplete unless you spend 15-20 minutes reading the news and current affairs. Sectional cutoffs: Clearing the sectional cutoff is essential to becoming eligible for the GD/PI round. So, you need to attempt a fixed number of questions in each section in the IIFT 2016. Speed and accuracy: IIFT 2016 is likely to put a heavy focus on some of the core concepts. Aspirants should maintain a desired level of accuracy. Accuracy is essential because of the 1/3rd negative marking scheme. The level of difficulty: It varies throughout the exam. Usually, the GK section is the toughest and the sectional cutoff is not high. Therefore, depending upon the difficulty level attempt a suitable number of questions in IIFT 2016. All the best for your IIFT exam preparation!demo

How Books & Previous Year Question Papers help for IIFT Exam Preparation

  Updated on : 21/01/2017

 by : Admin

How Books & Previous Year Question Papers help for IIFT Exam Preparation Among all the MBA entrance tests, IIFT exam is the most complicated apart from your abilities in the four sections, it tests your temperament. Though the questions are simple compared to the CAT questions, still scoring high is difficult unless you select the right set of questions to answer. Your IIFT preparation depends upon the number of IIFT question papers you solve. These previous year papers help in understanding the type of questions asked. Furthermore, the IIFT question papers will give you a feel of the real exam. Previous year papers help you understand the difficulty level and you can accordingly prepare for the exam.Solving the previous year IIFT question papers will help the aspirants stay focused. In the remaining months of the IIFT preparation, you need to work towards improving the speed and that is possible only by practicing. Remember that ‘Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice’. The more you practice, the better will be your results.Solving IIFT question papers have the following benefits.·         Checks the level of preparation·         Build speed and accuracy·         Improves the time management skill·         Enhances the question answering skill·         Boosts the confidenceFocus on solving at least 3-4 years paper to come out with the flying colors. Furthermore, many specialized IIFT preparation books are available in the market, which will further help your preparation.All the best for your IIFT preparation, work hard and stay focused to grab a seat in one of the most prestigious B-school in the country.demo

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