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5 Common Mistakes by CAT Aspirants

  Updated on : 21/01/2017

 by : Admin

Preparing for CAT is not a joke. If you are not serious about it then it is just a complete waste of money and time but if you are and still facing common errors or mistakes then there are various ways to overcome them and be successful. CAT students often tend to make silly mistakes which can prove to be very dangerous for them. Here are the most common mistakes of CAT aspirants that you must avoid in your preparation.1. Excessive mock test- Everything in excess is harmful and so are mock tests. The candidates who are 95+ achievers are the ones who have knowledge about the basic fundamentals of the topics. Taking up too many mock tests without clearing the basics can actually bring your morale down due to failure.2. Not focusing on minor details and errors- It is not the best mistakes which always drowns you but it is the small mistakes which will actually lead you to failure. Do not ignore your miscalculations or even the silliest of the mistakes.3. Not sticking to your strategy- A proper strategy is formulated in order to help you prepare better and in a more systematic manner. Making a strategy and following one are two entirely different things. Make sure that you stuck to your plans.4. No awareness- Be very responsive to your surroundings. This will help you acquire more knowledge about the latest updates on exam and syllabus.5. Not solving past year samples- You might find this useless but it is actually not. Solving previous years’ question papers will allow your mind to know about the pattern and work accordingly.Mistakes are made by all but success comes to those who are willing to not repeat them. Take note of your mistakes and start working on them turn by turn.demo

CAT is not possible without coaching?

  Updated on : 21/01/2017

 by : Admin

Clearing CAT is not an easy trick mate! If you are willing to follow your career then it is important that you choose a vital path towards your success. Many students have a question in their mind while they start preparing for CAT- Is it possible to crack CAT without coaching? Mentoring is the icing on the cake but self-preparation schedule is more important. Here are some best ways for self-preparation.1. Basic knowledge about the exam- Gain knowledge about the exam pattern, syllabus, and the study material required to crack CAT. They even help in self-preparation. Make a proper study plan and follow it no matter what.  The minor details can help you easily crack the exam.2. Online mock tests are a great help- Online mock tests are the best way to analyze your strengths and weakness and your level of preparation so far. Start with minimum 2 tests a week and later you can increase the speed to 4. Be clear about your silly mistakes also about how to avoid them.3. No mistakes allowed- We all make mistakes and so will you. Instead of accepting them, be rebellious and put them out of your system. Even the smallest of the mistakes won’t be acceptable while cracking CAT. Learning from every mistake is an essential of self-preparation.CAT Exam is definitely hard to crack but not impossible. If you are taking coaching then it will help you clear all your doubts but if not then you are your own teacher. Study with focus and your dream will soon turn to success.  demo

3 Things to Keep in Mind for CAT 2017

  Updated on : 31/05/2017

 by : Admin

 Nervousness and excitement – CAT 2017 aspirants are sure to witness it all. Considering the changes in the exam pattern, many aspirants are perplexed and nervous about the exam. Apart from hard work, you need to prepare well for the exam without getting distracted from your main goal. Excelling in CAT is a dream for all because it opens the door to some of the best institutes in the country. Here are three things to keep in mind.How you give the exam?Your temperament on the day of the exam will play a major role in deciding your CAT percentile. Usually, the difference of marks between a 97 percentile and 99 percentile is 18-20 marks. And, with a marketing scheme of +3, - 1, the difference is just with 4-5 questions. Therefore, you need to be calm and confident when answering the questions. Anxiousness will make you lose marks and topple your dreams.  How you use the platform?The CAT platform is extremely user-friendly and you can view all questions of the section at one go. Use the mark feature for questions you have a doubt. Go through all the questions quickly to understand what you can answer. Use the platform to your advantage.How do you answer the questions?Never spend more than a minute on any question, especially if you cannot understand what should be done to solve it. Aim for a net score of 40+ in both the sections to clear the sectional cut-offs. Furthermore, attend the non-MCQ questions because they don’t attract a negative penalty.demo

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