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4 essential tips every new business school student

  Updated on : 28/12/2016

 by : Admin

If you have sought a bschool admission recently and you are going to join the new crowd soon then this article is going to be of great use. Since you do not know the environment so do the people, then you must know some of the important tips to handle your new business school and its lifestyle, right?You will not find any short of practical advice as this is the age of the internet, but how will you make out of this bigger picture? To make yourself a place among other b-school students you must look down to the following tips and exercise them when you are at your new bschool.1.       You must look for the right motivationWhen you are pursuing studies after bschool admission, you will find that you can have come across a number of exciting ideas just by mixing with people. This also helps to grow professional and social networks and get introduced to more number of ideas. Take up this time to learn more subjects and excite yourself. Take part in a group discussion, as it is one of the powerful ways to discover what motivates you and find out the future business foundations for yourself.2.       You must be ready to accept the opportunity costTo arrive at a decision you must consider the possible and number of opportunities that are close to you. As soon as you find what motivates you then it can help you to choose the right path and put your valuable time to good use.It is important to take advantage of the professional networking as the b-school students can influence in determining about opportunity cost. Since you are going to enter into a new arena where fellow b-school students and professor keeps on exploring their own subject areas of business, this will be inspiring to see people whom you respect pursuing their own interests and subjects.3.       It is important to be open to new ideasA business is not only a transfer of the old knowledge from one person to other but it is also the crossroad of exciting ideas. If you are planning to develop your own unique ideas, listen and interpret the thought of the others.4.       Value your timeBesides looking for new business ideas the b-school students must also know how to meet the deadline, how to comply by a task and deliver it within a deadline is all a part of good business. These tips can help you transform into a great businessperson from the day of your bschool admissiondemo

How to tackle basic questions at b-school interview

  Updated on : 21/01/2017

 by : Admin

The final round of an MBA admission procedure is the Personal Interview. Most of the top B-school admission makes or breaks based on this question-answer session. Even after cracking CAT, a student is not able to seep into top b-school so easily. Examiners grill the candidates during the b-school admission and that too with a follow-up question on the candidate’s hobbies or academic background. They assess candidates based on personality, attitude, passion etc.Thus, the way you tackle the questions, which the examiner is asking you at the other end will help to leave a strong impression on the examiner. Here are some b-school interview tips -1 Why you chose MBA?Candidate’s keeps on coming from diverse backgrounds and many have work experience as well. Therefore, those who apply for the MBA course all have to answer why they want to pursue an MBA course. In order to tackle this question all you need is to provide clarity of thought and purpose behind studying MBA. You need to be serious as well as witty at times to answer this question.2 Tell me something about yourselfThis b-school interview tip is considered the basic and the simplest question, which at times become monotonous. You have to tricky and play with words. Do not use jargons or adjective while answering this question. In the case of using adjectives, make sure you have the proper examples to cite. When you reply this question, keep yourself calm, humble and have a pleasant smile for obvious.3 What are your hobbies?You need to clear and precise while answering this question and be thoroughly prepared to reply this. If you reply anything wayward, it will go against you. Do not say the thing that will take you off guard.demo

Which B-School in India is best for industrial management?

  Updated on : 07/03/2017

 by : Admin

One of the most upcoming and popular branches of MBA in which you can think of pursuing your MBA is the area of industrial management. For those of who you who have not heard about this area before, this area specifically involve strategies along with effective and efficient planning, structuring and even restructuring within an organization in order to ensure that the quality and goodwill of the organization does not get affected.Areas covered by industrial managementYour MBA admission in industrial management will help you in learning many organization related operations and activities like inventory management, vendor development and management, sale and purchase management etc. The aim of this portfolio is to ensure the smooth running of all the organizational activities and operations by restricting overheads and costs and assuring customer or client satisfaction at all costs.So looking at the career prospects which the degree in Industrial management can get for you, once you complete your course, you can find jobs in domains like material management, quality control, logistics, supply chain management, production planning, productivity management and so on.Leading institutions offering this courseNow that you have understood what MBA in industrial management entails, now you must also get acquainted with knowing some of the best B-schools in India for Industrial management which are as follows:Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik (SIOM)Located in the small town of Nashik in Maharashtra, the Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management or SIOM as it is also known as, offers both, full time as well as executive or distance learning MBA in operations management. When it is Symbiosis, students also stress free as the college takes extraordinary efforts in ensuring that its students are placed in reputed and good organizations which help them grow as professionals and SIOM are no different. Accordingly, SIOM has also designed its course in such a way so as to provide the students not just theoretical knowledge but also with requisite practical exposure.Xavier Labour Research Institute, Jamshedpur (XLRI, Jamshedpur)The XLRI offers its students with a two-year full-time diploma program in business management. The degree earned here carries a lot of weight because of the quality of knowledge which is provided to the students. Students or alumni who have pursued business management course from this well-established institution have been endowed with the best career-related opportunities both in India as well as abroad. The most outstanding feature of this course is that the course is a dynamic one with the course content changing from time to time to meet the demands of the ever-evolving market trends. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (SPJIMR Mumbai)Another esteemed and reputed college for pursuing business administration is the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai. This institute offers specialization in diverse areas including operation management or industrial management. This institute offers its students with an added advantage of enabling them with the highest number of credits which means that within the duration of the course students get to learn more. Another advantage of pursuing MBA from this institution is that it offers its students with the much-needed flexibility of choosing a minor specialization as well as to change their main area of specialization.These are some out of the many, many institutes all over India which offer MBA in industrial management. The other options are IIM Bangalore, IIM Kolkata, IIM Lucknow, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, Shailesh J Mehta Institute of Management etc.     demo

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