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Is it a better choice for choosing FMS Delhi over IIM-B and IIM-C?

  Updated on : 20/01/2017

 by : Admin

When it comes to the comparison between the FMS Delhi and the IIM Bangalore and Calcutta, you will find that IIM is a stronger brand compared to FMS. The name is bolted in the mind of the readers. The name IIM makes you a desirable candidate for the job. If you are contesting for a job in the certain organization and you have a degree from IIM then the listing will be done in a manner that you acquire the first list of candidates keeping all the MBA degree holders apart. Whether you qualify or not is never a question it is the name of your college that matters the most for the recruiter.IIMs are the best b-school, no doubt, and a strong brand name but FMS Delhi too has their own repute. However, at the end of the day what counts in the result you deliver it does not matter whether you are from IIM-B or from FMS Delhi.Now talking about infrastructure, FMS Delhi is no way to IIM-B or IIM-C. It is not so luxurious but it does have the great infrastructure to provide quality education to the students. Whether you are enrolling into a luxurious residential full-time program or having a full-time program in a normal university, both are going to give you the best education.A degree from FMS Delhi is going to cost your 5 lakh INR whereas in IIM you need to pay around 12 and 20 lakhs. If you are getting the same placement in both the prestigious institution then why will you pay more and enroll into IIM-B or IIM-C?So if you get an opportunity to enroll yourself in the best b-school, why won’t you make up your mind and have your name in the FMS Delhi?Well, if you consider the alumni list, we will say you to review once more, since, IIM-B or IIM-C could not be a match to FMS Delhi. However, they are the best b-school with great infrastructure but they FMS have much better alumni compared to them. When it comes to HR function even XLRI gives a tough beat to these colleges.As for faculty and learning specialties, we will be keeping IIM-C or IIM-B much ahead of FMS. They focus on the live projects, interactions, various educational exchange programs, corporate competitions and other abilities, which are not available in FMS Delhi. Make a wise decision, compare well and then apply for the best college depending on the ROI you can invest and earn. demo

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